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Kydex OWB Fast Draw Holster

Bluetac Kydex Fast Draw Glock Universal Holster

Bluetac Kydex OWB Fast Draw Straight Gun Holster

1. Holster retention can be adjusted;
2. When inserting or pulling out you get a audible and noticeable "Click";
3. Customize unique pattern/image;
4. Black,Tan,OD Green and custom color available;
5. Glock Gun models compatible G17,19,19x,22,23,26,27,31,32, 33,34,45, (Gen 1-5), 
also made for Sig Sauer P320, P365, 365X,  Glock 20, Glock 43X, M&P9/45, MPS, MPS 9EZ, 
Taurus G2C, G3, Springfield XDS, XD9, hellcat, colt1911 etc.
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