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Kydex IWB Hoster

Glock 19,23,32 Kydex IWB Holster

Production Information:
 Fit: Glock 19,23,32
 Material:Imported kydex sheet
 Wearing:Carry in any position around waist
 Angle: Adjustable Cant (0 or 20 degrees)
 Color: Black,Sand color, custom color, customer pattern/images

Products Features:
 ● IWB concealable kydex gun holster with Concealment Claw/Wing
 ● US imported high quality kydex sheet
 ● Open top, exactly mold, quick draw and re-holster
 ● Can be made ambidextrous  ( both side holes )
 ● Equipped with higher quality plastic belt clip, optional look
 ● All gun models we can make: GLOCK pistol, Colts ,MP Sheild, SIG Sauer,
    Beretta, TAURUS, Springfield Armory, H&K USP, CZ, Ruger, MAKAROV...
 ● Customized gun models acceptable

    Do I need a concealment claw ( wing )?

    Concealment claws are an addition to IWB holsters and help tuck the gun grip toward your body, which help to minimize printing and aid concealment.

    Bluetac Claw Features:

    * Adjustable height;

    * Adjustable position;

    * compatible hole pitch between 14.2 to 16.5mm, with adjustable wearing angle;

    * Front mount or back mount options.

    * Works on both left and right-handed IWB holsters.

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