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Light Bearing Handgun Holster

Glock 17/19 Kydex IWB holster bearing with X300U-A

Kydex IWB Holster bearing flashlight
Production Information:
Material:Imported kydex sheet 
Wearing:Carry in any position around waist
Angle: Adjustable Cant (0 or 20 degrees)
Color: Black, tan, army green, cammo etc.
Brand: Bluetac
Products Features:
1. IWB kydex holster
2. US imported high quality kydex sheet
3. Exactly mold, quick draw and re-holster
4. Right-hand or left-hand optional
5. Equipped with higher quality plastic belt clip 1.5‘‘, or 1.75‘‘
6. All models we can make.
7. Customized models or style is welcome.
8. Fits Glock 17, 19, Glock 19X, 22, 34, with Olight X300U-A
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